Wikitastic Book Review

Book Title:
The fog mound
Susan Schade
Jon Buller
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This Book Was About:
characters are Thelonious,Theloniou's mom,Theloniou's sister, Fitsgareled,Brown,Bill, and Oliv Bear,Drago lady, and Ratminks. settings are Theloniou's tree,The Fog mound,Fitsgareled's book shop, and Oliv Bear's work shop or house.
The conflict is that Thelonious,Oliv Bear,Fitsgareled, and Brow try to get to the Fog Mound but the Dragon lady and her Ratminks try to stop them from going but that plan failed!!!!! The solution was the Drago lady and her Ratminks failed the plan Brown did to leave her. And Thelonious,Oliv Bear, and Fitsgareled including Brown got to the Fog mound. And the plot was that Thelonious and his friends got to the Fog Mound.
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