Pierre Auguste Renoir
external image rp01919a-RenoirPierreAuguste-18410225b-19191203d-02.jpg
One Question I would ask him would be...
How did you get your ideas for your art?
He was born in...
Limoges, France in 1864
Why did Renoir want to do impressionist art?
He wanted people to be able to experience the moment.
How long did Renoir live and how long did he live to be?
Febuary 25, 1864-December 3,1919 He lived to be 78.
Where did he grow up?
When Renoir was 4 he moved from Limoges, France to Paris, France's capital.They rented an apartment by a palace.
What kind of art was his favorite?
Impressionist art was his favorite.

These are some of his paintings:
external image Pierre-Auguste%20Renoir_The%20Rose%20Garden%20at%20Wargemont.jpg
The Rose Garden at Wargemont

external image Girl-With-A-Watering-Can.jpg
The Girl With The Watering can
external image 4_head_of_a_dog_Pierre-Auguste_Renoir.jpg
4 Head of a Dog
external image cat.jpeg
Woman with a cat
external image renoir-la-grenouillere2.jpg
Le Grenouillere
external image renoir-mother-anthonys-inn-at-marlotte.jpg
Mother Anthony's Inn