Accelerated Reader Program

The Accelerated Reader program is a series of brief computerized quizzes that assess student comprehension of a book. Beverly School and the Birmingham Public Schools use the Accelerated Reader program because it stimulates students to read more. Research shows that an increase in reading practice improves reading ability.

Students take short quizzes after reading an Accelerated Reader book. Each book quiz that Beverly owns assigns a reading level and a specific number of points. The reading level is displayed in a decimal. For example, a reading level of 5.4 means the book is appropriate for a student on a mid-fifth grade reading level. Almost all picture books are .5 points, beginning chapter books (like Junie B. Jonesor Magic Tree House) are one point, and more difficult books increase in point values from there. Students accumulate points throughout the year towards a goal set by each grade level. Please see the text to the right for those goals. These goals are part of our NCA Accreditation data.

In the Media Center, we have thousands of books for which we own Accelerated Reader quizzes. We mark A.R. books with a green dot.

Parents and students are also encouraged to use books from home or the public library to find A.R. books. Since those books are not marked, please use one of the following lists to see if your favorite qualifies for an A.R. quiz! (If not, ask the Media Specialist -- we may be able to order it for you.) When you check the list, please check to make sure that both the title and the author match. Sometimes, there is more than one book with the same title!

Accelerated Reader Goals for 2006 - 2007:

First Grade - 5 points
Second Grade - 10 points
Third Grade - 30 points
Fourth Grade - 40 points
Fifth Grade - 60 points

We will show a movie before the December break to all students who have reached 1/3 of their annual goal. There is another movie treat for all students at the end of the year for students who have returned all library books and met their annual goal!